Stamford, CT, June 15, 2015– The Fairfield County Community Foundation invests in the future of homeownership in Connecticut with at $30,000 grant to HDF’s First time Homebuyer Program.

The grant from the Foundation supports HDF’S work with its First Time Homebuyers Counseling and Education program. Working with the Foundation, HDF staff was able to come up with mutually agreed upon measurements of the program’s success: How many households are served? What percentage of the clients closed on a home?

Using HDF’s new software program, Salesforce, HDF counselors are continually able to follow up with their clients. Other measurements tracked by the software include post-purchase data such as the ability of HDF clients to remain current on their mortgages and if the clients, once in a home purchase, are paying less than 33% of their income on housing.

Mary Thierry, Director of Communications and Development, says of the partnership with Fairfield Community Foundation, “The Fairfield Community Foundation, is a true partner for HDF, supporting our work, but helping us refine our outcomes so that they are meaningful indicators of our programs –demonstrating their successes but also how to improve upon them. “

Since 1989, HDF has made affordable housing a reality in Connecticut and beyond.