Funding Partners

We envision a future where all households in our service areas have access to stable, affordable housing. To achieve that vision, we are committed to fostering public-private partnerships to build one #HDFHome at a time. Our current funding partners include:

Philanthropy Partners of HDF

In December 2020, The Housing Development Fund was one of the 384 organizations to receive a transformative gift from MacKenzie Scott. This funding has enabled HDF to continue to create affordable housing opportunities for financially underserved communities across Connecticut.

Other Philanthropic Partners

Joan Barksdale
William Dolyak
Brian Murphy
Kenneth Olson
Robert Pfeiffer
Charlotte Suhler
Stephen Woodward
F. Robb Caster
Francis Cruz
Bruce and Linda Koe

Joseph McGee
Rudy Sturk
John Barbalaco
Juanita T. James
Susan and Stephen Mandel
Bob and Betsy McGroarty
Willard Miley
Barbara Budnick
Charles and Judy Eaton
Clayton Fowler

Robin Gallagher
Edward Gormbley
Michael Grace
Jim Himes
Charles Howell
Elizabeth McGroarty
Sharon Mills
Kim Morque
Paul Williams
Jennifer & David Barnard Charitable Fund

Jacob Safra
Saint John’s Community Foundation
Scott Gerard
Stamford Rotary Club
The Goodnow Fund
The Herbert and Sarah M. Gibor Charitable Foundation
The Per and Astrid Heidenreich Foundation
The Tokeneke Foundation
David and Lisa Tuttle

Lending Partners

HDF also offers lenders the opportunity to invest in affordable housing through its lending networks, known as consortiums. Our consortiums include SmartMove Connecticut, SmartMove New York, and the Multifamily Consortium.

By providing advice and preparation support, we ensure all borrowers are prepared and motivated to excel as homeowners. With our support, families put their best foot forward with financing that they are able to understand and manage.

Contact us to learn more about becoming a lending partner with HDF.

SmartMove Lending Partners

CT Community Bank
Fairfield County Bank
First County Bank
Ion Bank

Liberty Bank
M&T Bank
Norcom Mortgage
Patriot Bank
Savings Bank of Danbury

Signature Bank
Thomaston Savings Bank
Union Savings Bank
Webster Bank

Partner Impact

Members of household living in homes With Support From HDF

Home Purchase Assistance Loans Provided by HDF’

Banking Partners in Connecticut and New York

Amount of first mortgage financing provided by HDF’s partner banks

Government Partners

Since 1989, HDF has developed local, statewide, and national initiatives to make housing affordable and sustainable for all. Our work is rooted in our expertise as a loan agency, and is driven by our mission as a housing nonprofit. We envision a future where all households in our service area have access to the benefits of stable, affordable housing.

HDF leverages private investment to make scarce subsidy dollars work smarter and harder. As a result of our efforts to identify qualified homebuyers, local municipalities have developed innovative affordable housing and homeownership programs.

The benefits of these programs target many vulnerable populations including the elderly, transitional or public housing residents, the mentally ill, previously incarcerated people, and those at risk of coastal flooding.

Academic Partners

HDF partners with both universities and high schools to advance our mission of providing affordable housing to the communities we serve. These partnerships range from limited-time engagements with consulting groups to full-time fellowship programs.

Interested in partnering with HDF? Get in touch to find out more.
Our current and past academic partners include:

Princeton University
Since 2005, the Princeton Project 55 Program has partnered with HDF to connect 11 recent graduates with fellowships in affordable housing. Fellows have undertaken numerous 1- to 2-year-long projects focused on research, marketing, financial analysis, and fundraising.

Yale School of Management
HDF worked with the Yale School of Management Social Impact Consulting Club on projects from 2013 to 2015.

Stamford Mayor’s Youth Employment Program
Since 2014, HDF has hired City of Stamford High School students as interns through the Mayor’s Youth Employment Program (MYEP). Several of these students continued to work at HDF part-time during the school year and helped us make great strides!

“HDF was a pleasure to work with. They are very educated with their services and the ability to assist people achieve their
dreams of being a homeowner.”

HDF Client —

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