October 6, 2017

Have you ever wondered if owning a house could make you become healthier? It sounds unrelated, right? But we think that there’re a number of reasons why home ownership and health are related. Below are our top 6 reasons why we think that you can become healthier from owning a house:

1. You can grow organic vegetables and do gardening.

gardening at your home

Planting vegetable garden

Gardening is fun. But how would you do the garden if you rent an apartment? Owning a house and an outside space allows you to plant your vegetable garden with organic vegetables and fruits. You’ll get to work out from the gardening and eat the organic vegetables you plant later!

2. You can cook healthy meals for yourself more often.

cook at home

Preparing healthy salad

Well, what would you do with the vegetables you plant in your garden? You prepare a  healthy salad for lunch! Self-cooking at home is healthier than eating out at a restaurant because you can control the ingredient choices and limit the amount of oil, salt, and sugar in your food.

3. You have more outside space to play with your pets and children.

play with children at your home

Playing with children at your home

Owning a yard means having more space to play with your pets and children. Imagine that your children can run around in the yard and play with their puppy, wouldn’t that be nice? Your family don’t need to depend on a public park to play and socialize any more now that you have your own space!

4. You have more inside space for your exercise equipment.

Working out at your home

Working out at your home

With more space, you can now buy large exercise equipment to start working out at your home. Instead of paying for a gym membership fee, you can now save money for something else you wanted. And the best part of working out at home? You don’t feel guilty of leaving your children to take care of yourself!

5. You get to work out when you need to repair or clean your home.

reparing and cleaning your home

Removing snow from the sidewalk after snowstorm.

You need to take care of your place when you own it. So if the roof needs a repair or the sidewalk needs to be shoveled after a snow storm, you’ll get to physically exercise. Physical movement is key to good health for everyone regardless of where we live, and owning a house gives you an opportunity to exercise more.

6. You can invite families and friends to join a healthy picnic.

picnic at your home

Family having a barbecue party in their garden.

And the best part of owning your own home? You can invite families and friends to join a healthy picnic in your own backyard! Sure, you can throw a party when you rent an apartment too, but you have more space for a picnic when you own a house. What’s more? You can share your home-grown vegetables with your families and friends too!

Although owning a house entails more work, it also means more opportunity to grow organic vegetables, do gardening, work out, and socialize. For home owners, you’ll be both physically and mentally healthier if you try our tips! And for renters, perhaps it’s time to look for your first home?

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