HDF hosted ‘Home In A Day’ Event in Norwich, CT

August 12, 2017 HDF staffs hosted 'Home In A Day' event in Norwich, CT. Sponsored by Liberty Bank, Home In A Day provided families with the opportunity to receive a free credit report, to speak to an experienced HDF Homeownership Advisor, and to find out if they...

HDF Staff Spend the Day Volunteering at The Open Door Shelter!

July 26, 2017 HDF staff participated in NeighborWorks America's annual NeighborWorks Week, which brings together thousands of NeighborWorks Organizations to support other nonprofit organizations that strive to improve communities across the Country. This year, HDF...

HDF Quarterly News – Spring 2017 Newsletter

May 30, 2017 Highlights of the newsletter: This spring has been a season of growth and expansion for HDF. We secured $3.4 million award for NeighborWorks Reinvest project and started to implement our Statewide downpayment assistance programs in Connecticut. HDF hosted...

Homebuyer Education Classes

Considering buying your first home?  Whether you have already applied for a mortgage or are just beginning to consider your options, this class is designed to help you navigate the homebuying process, including:

  1. Understanding credit and if ready to buy a home.
  2. 2.Getting pre-approved fora mortgage loan.
  3. Shopping for a home.
  4. Steps from having an accepted offer to closing.
  5. Keeping your home and managing your finances.

This class is available in both English and Spanish (see schedule below for upcoming classes).

Note: We offer this class via Zoom at no cost, but if you need to take this class sooner, there are other options:

  • You could take the class at your own pace via ehome at this option has a fee of $75 when using promo code HDF24
  • You could search for a free HBE class at chfa website

If you are taking the class because your lender requires it, first check with your lender to see if they will accept the HBE Certificate from the choices indicated above.

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