HDF is proud to announce that we are the recipients of a $5K grant to continue funding our free counseling services.

HDF believes in providing everyone with the chance at affordable, sustainable homeownership. This mission, however, isn’t as simple as just providing hardworking families and individuals with financial assistance to help them purchase homes. It’s more holistic than that; it means also providing our clients with the educational tools they need, so that they understand the financial risks and gains ahead and are prepared with a plan. Our counseling program fits this piece of the affordable housing puzzle perfectly, by providing our clients with a counselor who will help them create a personalized action plan, no matter where they are in the homebuying process, so that they are sure to reach their homeowning goals sustainably and responsibly. What’s more is that this service is provided to all of our clients for free, ensuring that the necessary tools to set them on their path to homeownership are readily accessible to all. We thank Liberty Bank for their continued support and belief in our mission. With their sustained support, we hope to transform the affordable housing landscape in Connecticut and New York, making it more equitable and just for all.

Liberty Bank Foundation
Liberty Bank believes that people at the lower end of the economic ladder deserve to achieve their goals and realize their potential. That’s why the Foundation makes grants to nonprofits that can supply them with the tools they need to succeed. But writing grant checks is only part of the solution- Liberty also works hands-on to tackle community issues, building relationships, partnerships, and leadership. All of these factors combine to create positive change within Connecticut.