M&T Bank has awarded HDF $30,000 in grant funding to support responsible homeownership.

On August 24th, M&T Bank awarded HDF a $15,000 grant to support its First Time Home Buyer Education and Counseling Program. HDF’s first time homebuyer counseling services are provided completely free of charge, and they’re designed specifically to help regular people buy their first homes.

Additionally, as part of their Consumer Financial Education Initiative, M&T Bank awarded HDF $15,000 to support financial education classes in Fairfield County. The overall goal of the Initiative is to deliver, at a minimum, 14 financial education events per year through partner organizations like HDF. The events are aimed at promoting financial education through workshops, webinars, and classes aimed at increasing the ability of Latino and African-American residents in affected areas to qualify for home mortgage loans.

HDF is grateful for the support of M&T Bank.