HDF is creating more affordable housing options in the communities we serve. From our services for first-time homebuyers to our multifamily rental development financing, we’re making sustainable and affordable housing a reality, one #HDFHome at a time.

Community Land Trust

HDF’s Community Land Trust (CLT) is a nonprofit, community-based program that provides permanently affordable homeownership for low- and moderate-income communities. The CLT maintains permanent deed restrictions that govern income eligibility and affordable pricing upon sale and re-sale of the units.

The CLT maintains the property, supports its residents, and ensures that residents are never displaced due to gentrification. Our board of directors is composed of homeowners, community stakeholders, and others who support the goals and purposes of the Land Trust.

We are proud to report that our first CLT has successfully created permanently affordable housing for members of the communities we serve–and we’re starting a second one! Interested in helping us grow and investing in sustainable homeownership? If so, contact HDF today to learn more.

Advocacy Networks

HDF is part of a large affordable housing advocacy network that includes like-minded organizations, as well as local and state governments.

  • Fairfield County Housing Alliance
  • Local and state government engagements
  • Zoning reform bills
  • Create affordable housing plan for Stamford
  • Neighborworks America
  • Housing Partnership Network
  • National Home Ownership Alliance

Our Connection with NeighborWorks

The Housing Development Fund became a NeighborWorks American Organization in 2011 after a lengthy application and review process. HDF participates in yearly audits, quarterly reviews and has earned a rating of Exemplary, which is NeighborWorks America’s highest possible rating. NeighborWorks membership was a pivotal step in HDF’s history as it opened the door for new funding opportunities, training opportunities, technology enhancements, and other organizational support.

Households Living in HDF-Financed Properties

HDF helps developers BUY, BUILD, and REHAB affordable rental properties throughout the State of Connecticut using a variety of loan products. The majority of rental properties financed by HDF serve low-income households and BIPOC households.

Tenants Living in The HDF-financed Properties

Of the tenants living in the HDF-financed properties


Qualify as low-income, including 27% who qualify as very low-income.


of tenants are people of color

Banking Partners in Connecticut and New York

First Time Homebuyers

Of the first time home owners living in the HDF-financed properties

People Buying Homes With Support From HDF

Banking Partners in Connecticut and New York

Downpayment Assistance Loans Provided by HDF

Current Initiatives

Since 1989, HDF has been helping members of the communities we serve become and remain homeowners. In addition to our current programs and opportunities, we have a long history of supporting first-time homebuyers and lending to multifamily rental developers. Read about the difference we’ve made over the years.


Low-interest downpayment assistance for first-time homebuyers in Connecticut for up to 25% of purchase price when used for a downpayment and qualified closing costs.

Live Where You Work

Up to $20,000 in 0% downpayment assistance for first-time homebuyers purchasing homes in the city where they work

HDF Equity Fund

In 2022, HDF launched the Homeownership Equity Fund, its newest downpayment assistance program designed to help BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) First-Time Homebuyers afford the initial fees that typically accompany buying a home. The Homeownership Equity Fund offers HDF’s BIPOC clients up to $20,000 in downpayment and closing cost assistance loans at 0% interest for a 30-year term, when they buy in the state of Connecticut.

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling 

To further support Connecticut-based homeowners in the community, HDF offered a Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Program. It provided guidance to current homeowners who were either in foreclosure or in danger of being in foreclosure. Experienced HDF counselors helped homeowners explore their options with first mortgage lenders

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Form

Past Initiatives

Since 1989, HDF has been helping members of the communities we serve become and remain homeowners. In addition to our current programs and opportunities, we have a long history of supporting first-time homebuyers and lending to multifamily rental developers. Read about the difference we’ve made over the years.

Energy Efficiency Multifamily Lending

In 2016, HDF partnered with CT Green Bank and the John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. The goal of this partnership was to support energy efficiency in the multifamily housing sector, specifically in affordable housing developments with a $5 million program-related investment by the MacArthur Foundation.

UniteCT Program

HDF has been selected to administer The Department of Housing and Connecticut Housing Finance Authority’s rental relief program, UniteCT. The program was launched to help renters and homeowners address the economic impact related to COVID-19. The program offers assistance to renters and homeowners in order to prevent eviction actions/foreclosures. This will address both the arrearage caused by income loss and/or the greater expenses due to COVID-19 that have negatively impacted a household’s ability to pay their full monthly rent over the next number of months. The program has now ended and HDF staff have helped 2,033 households across CT apply for rental assistance.

ShoreUp CT

From 2014-2016 HDF ran the ShoreUp Program which provided households along Coastal CT with financing to weatherize their homes. The initiative was in response to the significant damage that homes sustained following Superstorm Sandy. Shore Up CT closed on almost $1.92 million dollars in refinance and new construction loans to elevate homes for 10 properties. The lending supported homes in 7 communities along CT’s coast including, Stamford, Norwalk, Fairfield, Milford, East Haven, New Haven, and Branford.


In 2012 HDF participated in ‘Megacommunities,’ a national grant competition thru NeighborWorks America aimed at cultivating multi-sector engagement to generate energy efficiency solutions for households in Connecticut. HDF hosted an intensive 2-day simulation in March 2012 which engaged civic leaders, the banking community, and other nonprofits in an effort to find ways sectors can collaborate on home energy innovations.”

“HDF was a pleasure to work with. They are very educated with their services and the ability to assist people achieve their
dreams of being a homeowner.”

— New Home Owner | Brandon Oldham —

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