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Landlord Entrepreneurs

Stop paying rent -- start earning it!

Owning your own home can be a great step towards financial stability. But what if the biggest investment of your life could also grant you an income and help you to achieve financial independence? Buying a multifamily home and becoming an owner-occupant landlord entrepreneur can help you do that.

The Landlord Entrepreneurship Affordability Program (LEAP) is designed to help income-eligible landlord entrepreneurs purchaseĀ andĀ renovate 2-4 family homes in Fairfield, New Haven, Litchfield, or Hartford counties in Connecticut. Through LEAP, you can take advantage of financing, education, and counseling designed to help you achieve sustainable and responsible homeownership as a landlord entrepreneur.

If you’re interested in becoming an landlord entrepreneur, LEAP is the program for you! Contact us today at LEAP@hdf-ct.org to get started!

LEAP provides:

Low-Interest First Mortgage
Downpayment and Closing Cost Assistance
Rehab Financing
Counseling and Education
Landlord Training
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