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Landlord Entrepreneurs

Stop paying rent -- start earning it!

Owning your own home can be a great step towards financial stability. But what if the biggest investment of your life could also grant you an income and help you to achieve financial independence? Buying a multifamily home and becoming an owner-occupant landlord entrepreneur can help you do that.

The Landlord Entrepreneurship Affordability Program (LEAP) is designed to help income-eligible landlord entrepreneurs purchase 2-4 family homes in the state of Connecticut. Through LEAP, you can take advantage of financing, education, and counseling designed to help you achieve sustainable and responsible homeownership as a landlord entrepreneur.

If you’re interested in becoming an landlord entrepreneur, LEAP is the program for you! Contact us today at LEAP@hdfconnects.org¬†or 203-969-1830 ext. 2003 to get started!

LEAP provides:

Low-Interest First Mortgage
Downpayment and Closing Cost Assistance
Counseling and Education
Landlord Training