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Current Borrowers

where to go for help with your new HDF home

When you purchase a home with HDF, you become a part of the HDF family- and one of our primary goals at HDF is to create sustainable, responsible homeowners. Scroll down to find the information you need to decide the future of your loan and financing.


Loan Servicing

If you received a SmartMove loan from HDF, it is serviced by Dovenmuehl Mortgage, Inc. Please click here to access the online payment portal.

For questions about your loan, please contact DMI directly at (855) 230-8549 or (800) 669-4268. For payoff requests, please email Prepayoff@dmicorp.com.


Refinancing & Subordination

If you have a SmartMove second mortgage loan and are looking to refinance your existing first mortgage, you will need to do one of two things. You can either repay your SmartMove and any other HDF loans, or request a subordination agreement by filling out our Subordination Request form.

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