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Energy Efficiency Financing

Upgrades that benefit everyone

going green, saving money

Want to reduce operating and energy costs whilst also improving the living environment for your tenants? With support from Connecticut Green Bank, you could receive energy efficiency upgrades that benefit everyone, including the planet.

These energy efficiency lending programs are supported by the MacArthur Foundation and will help you through the process of funding and upgrading. Together, they can help you make smart energy upgrades, secure financing or rebates, and track your savings.

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available upgrades

Eligible upgrades include: conversion from oil or electric to gas; lighting and appliances; hot water systems and efficiency; renewable energy systems (solar PV, solar thermal, etc.); building envelope; and qualified health and safety measures.


Available loan Products

The Navigator Pre-Development Energy Loan is a simple, unsecured pre-development loan that funds analysis and design of energy improvements for multifamily properties using owner-selected and managed professional service providers.

The Sherpa Pre-development Energy Loan  offers multifamily building owners an affordable, low-risk, one-stop solution to analyze, design and acquire financing for green energy upgrades. Connecticut Green Bank has partnered with New Ecology Inc., an expert multifamily technical services provider and nationally recognized non-profit,
to help scope, design and arrange financing for projects.


check your eligibility

The Multifamily Energy Financing program is available for multifamily properties with more than 5 affordable housing units. Eligible borrowers include private and non-profit owners, public housing authorities, assisted living communities, and condominium/co-op associations.

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