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Help your clients unlock homeownership

As mortgage bankers or loan originators, you work with homebuyers all the time. With HDF’s homebuyer counseling and education programs, your clients can become prepared and informed homebuyers. Our low-interest second mortgages can help well-qualified borrowers  bridge the gap between unattainable and affordable.


Down Payment Assistance programs

In addition to HDF’s free counseling, education, and guidance, homebuyers can also take advantage of a number of down payment and closing cost assistance programs designed to make homeownership achievable and sustainable, such as HDF’s SmartMove down payment assistance loan.

Whatever your client’s circumstances, HDF probably has a second mortgage or loan to help cover their closing costs or down payment. Many of our loan products will stack, allowing eligible purchasers to access a financing package tailored to their needs and side-by-side with a conventional first mortgage from a bank. Certain restrictions may apply depending on the program.

Available Loan Products