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Participating Lenders

Invest in sustainable homeownership through HDF.

The Housing Development Fund offers lenders the opportunity to invest in affordable housing through its lending consortiums, purchasing a stake in the sustainable ownership of our communities. HDF offers financing that families can understand and manage, and the education and support they need to put their best foot forward. Our loans fit within the true value of each home, and they come with careful advice and preparation for every borrower. HDF borrowers are prepared, supported, and motivated to excel as homeowners.

To become a participating investor, a bank or a corporation must agree to the existing agreement between HDF and the banks already in the pool. This agreement is revised periodically, and participations are renewed annually, at which time new lenders may join the pool. Investors in our loan pools can elect to serve on our different Loan Committees, which review the loans made through HDF.

Currently, there are three consortiums:

SmartMove Connecticut
SmartMove New York
Multifamily Consortium
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