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Make affordable housing a reality in your community with HDF's help.

Since 1989, HDF has developed local, statewide, and national initiatives to make housing affordable and sustainable for all. Our expertise and innovative approach allows us to advocate for affordable homeownership on local, state, and national levels.We envision a future where households in our service area have access to the benefits of stable, affordable housing. Find our more about our mission here.

HDF leverages private investment in order to make scarce subsidy dollars work harder create affordable housing. We  work with local municipalities to identify qualified homebuyers for affordable housing and homebuyer assistance programs. We have developed innovative affordable housing and homeownership programs for many different populations including the elderly, transitional, public housing residents, mentally ill, previously incarcerated, and those at risk from coastal flooding.

Are you interested in partnering with HDF to make affordable housing a reality? Get in touch!.