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Statewide Downpayment Assistance Programs

Help for first time homebuyers across Connecticut and New York!

Wherever you’re buying a home in our service area, HDF has a variety of downpayment assistance options available. Statewide DAP loans can be combined with other forms of homebuyer assistance, such as SmartMove. All DAP borrowers will complete one-on-one counseling and homebuyer education through the HDF’s FTHB program.

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The Statewide Downpayment Assistance Program is a low-cost downpayment assistance program for eligible homebuyers, offered through the Housing Development Fund and the Connecticut Department of Housing. The program offers loans of up to $15,000-25,000 for buyers across the state of CT.

This program is available to first-time buyers with an income of less than 100% area median income, who are purchasing their primary residence. The assistance is a 30-year, 0% second mortgage. There are no  loan closing fees associated with the loan, and the funds can be used for the downpayment and/or for closing costs.

Up to $25,000 in is available to buyers in High and Very High Opportunity Census Tracts across the state of Connecticut. To check whether an intended property is located in an eligible census tract, please click here. If your home is not in an eligible census tract, up to $15,000 is available.

Click here to download income limits.

Program Materials

Printable materials about the Connecticut statewide downpayment assistance program.


New York State

Additional downpayment assistance is available to SmartMove purchasers in the state of New York, similar to our Live Where You Work program in Connecticut. This down payment assistance is up to $10,000 at 0% for 30 years, and can be used for down payment or closing cost assistance.